California Workers’ Compensation Medical Treatment And Your Right to Medical Treatment

People who are injured or contract an illness on the job have a legal right to have their California workers’ compensation medical treatment covered under the state’s workers’ compensation system. But unfortunately, many injured workers and their families find it is not always that easy.

At Carrasco Law, we help people across the state get the appropriate medical treatment and full workers’ compensation benefits available. Firm founder E. Christina Carrasco is an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in California who fights tirelessly for the people and families she represents.

Types Of California Workers’ Compensation Medical Treatment

Once an injured employee’s workers’ compensation claim is admitted, they are entitled to coverage for certain California workers’ compensation medical treatment. But that does not mean that the employer’s insurance carrier will cover all medical services.

Typically, an injured worker must seek treatment from a doctor within the employer’s medical provider network. Those doctors are limited to providing treatment that is authorized under certain guidelines in order to be approved.

A wide range of medical services may be eligible for coverage. They include:

  • Prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications
  • X-rays and diagnostic testing
  • Internal medicine
  • Surgery
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic medicine
  • Chronic pain treatment
  • Brain rehabilitation
  • Dental services
  • Optometrist and ophthalmologist services

This is just a small sample of the types of medical services that workers’ compensation benefits may cover. A workers’ compensation attorney in California can evaluate your claim and help ensure you get all of the California workers’ compensation medical treatment that you need.

Home Health Care Services

Injured workers and those who suffer illnesses as a result of their jobs can also get home health care services covered in certain situations. In some cases, they can get benefits to pay for a spouse or family member who provides care full-time in lieu of other employment.

To get benefits for home health care services, a treating doctor must state that assistance is medically necessary and related to the work injury or illness. In other words, the physician must find the injured worker is unable to care for themself.

Mileage Reimbursement in California

Anyone who has successfully filed a claim for workers’ compensation benefits is entitled to reimbursement for travel required to get medical care.

That includes travel for doctor’s visits, rehabilitation sessions, and therapy appointments, as well as trips to pick up prescription medication. Mileage reimbursement is also available for travel to depositions related to your case.

The benefits are available for people who use public or private transportation. The current reimbursement rate, which changes on a yearly basis, is 56 cents per mile. Additional compensation is available for parking fees and tolls.

Speak with a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in California to Understand Your Rights Regarding California Workers’ Compensation Medical Treatment

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